Exhibition view @ Casa do Capitão, Lisboa/Portugal (2021) ©Bruno Lopes
200 x 80 x 80 mx
Mirrored glass, steel, wood, acrylic paint

"Normativa do Gesto - A paisagem artificial"

A collective group show with Portuguese artists that launches a study of exploration of the automated, mechanized and artificial part of the contemporary artistic constructive process.
In the act of creation, the artist's dependence on obtaining a physical result is tangent with the
discovery of his expressive gesture, forcing him to determine achievement tools.
When our idiosyncratic gesture has to be "reconciled" with the technique (media) that the it will even have as “output”, our naively free gesture, acquires the technical limitations of it and turns them into production norms.
Thus, if "The norms of gesture" are assumed as human content fused with artificial production techniques, do you question the gesture itself and its identity? or ability to
three-dimensional representation?

Text: JD Geração Machado
Curatorial team: GAAT Museum

Exhibition view @ Casa do Capitão, Lisboa/Portugal (2021)