“HOME” is a project that aims to explore and redefine our perception of artificial aesthetics and the dichotomy between organic and artificial.
This is an imagery dialogue and the discovery of that midpoint in a smaller scale yet a more complex artificial construction.
This is a parallel and opposing project to the “Landscape”, developing temporary installations not accessible to other viewers besides the artist, maintaining its ephemeral and heterogeneous substance.
A constant study of artificial human presence within the a full natural environment, a smaller scale mapping fot the understanding of the greater one. The attempt to master the natural dimension through it measuring.

noun | /skeɪl/
: A graduated range of values forming a standard system for
measuring or grading something.
- The set of numbers, amounts, etc. used to measure or compare
the level of something.
- How the size of things relates to other things in real life.
: The relative size or extent of something.discomfort in the viewers, inviting them to participate in and experiment with each piece.
- Cambridge International Dictionary of English/Cambridge University Press, (1995)

HOME #44, installation view, Unknown location/Portugal (2017)