Portrait #4, performance view, Sintra/Portugal (2019)

The “body as a construction” and the transcendence ritual.

The series “Portrait” are part of a sensorial investigation of the importance of bodily presence “on-site”,
in the evolution of the human body's relationship with art (constructive and performative), with itself and with
your memory.
This research combines remote natural contexts, primary artificial constructions and perception individual (apparent) of a possible human inexistence.
Pedro Gramaxo calls these spatial artistic experiences “perceptive rites”.
Body, space and memory - Portrait - Group Portrait - Self portrait - project the construction of a conscience space to enhance self-awareness.

The performative “rituals” developed by the artist are an artistic reproduction of ancient rituals and holistic/psychedelic tribal ceremonies, which seek to access altered states of consciousness, of trance and dream, to enhance human memory and the way we access it through sounds, feelings and altered access during different trance states, allowing for the possibility of experiences cosmic, at the collective or individual level, through art.
Remote contexts, public access to them and the relationship with space create this "apparent" human inexistence, and it is through the artificial and organically conceived (real) configuration of a “body-construction” that we potentiate a cosmic state of altered perception.