Dimension #1 - 25mx, installation view, Setubal/Portugal (2020)

Dimensions Series are perceptive explorations, a project that questions abstract notions and an intent to reformulate landscapes.

On his works, Pedro Gramaxo shows us vast landscapes that we are not able to ubicate.
Just with a small amount of construtive information, Pedro is making us question about our own perception, on how we visualize and understand scale and our appropriation of space.

The Dimensions Series are part of a temporary perceptive exercise, in which you cannot identify anything with precision. The artist’s purpose is to disconnect viewers from the physical space, making them feel lost, uncomfortable; and invite them to participate and experience each piece. With this process, the artist makes the viewer be aware of his own consciousness, that is, be aware of their own physical and psychological existence, and the necessity of being consciously aware of what we visualize and feel.

Dimension #2 - 25 mx, installation view, Setubal/Portugal (2020)

For this series, Pedro Gramaxo developed a completely new measurement unit, which he named Mx. He knows that these units are important for our understanding of space and nature,
that’s why the creation of a new unit was necessary to establish an artificial norm that could allow the artist to measure both scales, artificial and immaterial.

Mx is a scheme used to guarantee an aesthetic and geometric balance. The Mx was created as new method to ensure the best use of construction material, Pedro decided to create one unit that could take the most advantage from industry made materials. This is how the Matrix or Artificial Framework - designated by the artist - has become the initial basis of any project and all of them respect this measure regulation.

This is how Mx became, not only a technical process, but also the language of Pedro’s work.
All of his structures are built in his studio in Lisbon, and then transported and installed in a previously selected secret location. The process, from design to installation, becomes a highly organized process.

The title of each piece is a reference to the “dimension” of it, and it’s also connected on how the artist perceive the installation and its context. Its function is to be a guideline for the viewer’s perception, and therefore, it becomes the “reality” of size. In this way, the artist controls the viewer’s perception of scale and size, and transform it to create a whole new understanding of space.

Dimension #2 - 25 mx, installation view, Setubal/Portugal (2020)