Bright Hour #2, installation view, Lisboa/Portugal (2016)

The “Bright Hour” Series started in 2016 as an exercise for an intrinsic relationship with the viewer, in a scale and an architectural link of abstract expression representing immaterial presences with geometrical shapes.

Bright Hour is a representation “frame” of the sky, the magnanimous, immaterial an natural presence of light and immeasurable dimensions. The work seeks to assume itself as a geometric experience of space and time in which the visual perception of the work cannot be separated from the bodily presence.
This experience is directly associated with the minimalist and abstract form in which the work aims to be presented - a material format and an “immaterial” outcome designed by light and sound that transports the viewer between two-dimensional and three-dimensional relationships.
Several pieces and studies were developed from 2016 to 2020.

Digital photo of the sky ©Pedro Gramaxo (2018)

Bright Hour #5, Studio view, Lisboa/Portugal (2018)