Pedro Gramaxo (Lisbon, 1989) is a Portuguese contemporary artist working internationally in constructive art, photography and film, analyzing and deepening our relation with space, time, memory and altered states of perception.
Pedro has been exhibiting in solo and group shows and public spaces since 2012 from Portugal, Italy, Holland and Bosnia and Herzegovina to Brazil, China, Russia, Argentina, United States and Iceland.
His work has been published in physical and digital magazines and art platforms all over the world.

Graduated in architecture from Lusíada University in Lisbon (2010), Masters in Arts (2012), where his academic education crossedbred between Art and Architecture, developing a technical research based practice within the contexts of “art spaces” and the representation of art “contexts”, enhancing the physical aspects of phenomenology.

Channeling his practice of exploring the dualism between bodily presence and experience with altered states of perception, Pedro Gramaxo creates "ultra narratives" with man-made constructive elements with new artistic contexts.
Pedro develops research based on the importance of on-site presence and its relation with ourselves, space, time and memory for higher levels of existence. This research deepens the human consciousness towards Art and "Hyperstates".

From an abstract point of view, Pedro´s projects define scale as a visual exercise, starting in 2016 with “HOME Series”, to 2018 “Landscape Series”, to 2021 “Dimension Series” to the present day, developing monument shaped installations in new and natural art contexts.
His distinguished public art projects are: “Bright Hour #1”, in Lisbon at MANPOWER Art Festival (2016), “Landscape#1” at IMINENTE Festival, Lisbon (2018), “Bright Hour #6” at Gaivotas Polo Cultural, Lisbon (2019), Dimension #5 in Vyksa, Russia (2021), Landscape #11 in Reykjavik, Iceland (2021), Graças I, II, II at ESPORO, Portugal (2022).
In 2018, he received an honorable mention from the Portuguese Order of Architects in the category of public intervention awards.



Graduation in Architecture
Universidade Lusíada (2007-2010)

Masters in Arts and Architecture - (2011-2013) “Site and Art - The cosmic Cube” The relationship between art & Architecture
Universidade Lusíada (2011-2013)

Solo Shows

Contrivance# 4
Paviljoen een hat Water, Rotterdam/Netherlands (2022)

Contrivance# 3
Residencia Corazón, Buenos Aires/Argentina (2021)

Dimension #5
Vyksa Museum, Vyksa/Russia (2021)

Contrivance #2
Contemporary Identities, Online (2021)

Bright Hour #6
Polo criativo das Gaivotas, Lisboa/Portugal (2018)

Zaratan Gallery, Lisboa/Portugal (2016)

Contrivance #1
Galeria FBP, Lisboa/Portugal (2014)

Self-Portrait with Landscape
Palácio Braamcamp, Lisboa/Portugal (2014)

Group Shows

Portais do Tempo
Curated by Pauline Foessel
Antigos estaleiros da LISNAVE, Almada/Portugal (2024)

The first Contemporary Art Museum of Macau
Curated by Felix Vong
Taipa Village Artspace, Macau/China (2023)

Beyond Architecture
Casa da Arquitectura, Matosinhos/Portugal (2023)

Bienal de Vila Verde
Braga/Portugal (2022)

Zaratan Gallery, Lisboa/Portugal (2022)

Underdogs Gallery, Lisboa/Portugal (2021)

Control V
Zaratan Gallery, Lisboa/Portugal (2021)

Mostra EIXO
Centro cultural dos Correios de Niterói, Niterói/Brazil (2021)

Postulado Paralelo
GAAT Gallery, Lisboa/Portugal (2021)

Millepiani, Rome/Italy (2021)

Ephemeral Eternal
Underdogs Gallery, Online NFT exhibition (2021)

Dialogue in Winter
Technology and the private sphere/Yanjiao Biennale, Hebei/China (2021 )

Reality Check
Espaço Espelho D’água, Lisboa/Portugal (2021)

CADAF art Fair
ArtiNY booth, Online (2020)

Supportive auction - Galeria da Estufa Fria, Lisboa/Portugal (2021)

Colectiva EIXO
Centro Cultural Paschoal Magno, Niterói/Brazil (2019)

Panorâmico de Monsanto, Lisboa/Portugal (2018)

Zaratan Gallery, Lisboa/Portugal (2018)

Missão Dimix
Tara Gallery, Lisboa/Portugal (2018)

Bairro das Artes
Ordem dos Arquitectos Gallery, Lisboa/Portugal (2018)

Rede ART
Estoril Open - Art Exhibition, Cascais/Portugal (2017)

Man Power’16
International Art Festival, Lisboa/Portugal (2016)

Mostra *16
Portuguese contemporary art show, Lisboa/Portugal (2016)

Portuguese Art, Architecture & design exhibition / SHED, Lisboa/Portugal (2013)

Biblioteca Municipal Orlando Ribeiro, Lisboa/Portugal (2012)

Public Interventions

Landscape Specimens - Memória Digital
Festival MURO, Estação Ferroviária do Cais do Sodré, Lisboa/Portugal (2023)

Dimensions #6
Chicago/United States (2023)

Graças I, II, III
ESPORO Cultura, Figueiró dos Vinhos - Ansião - Proença a Nova/Portugal (2022)

Landscape #10
Reykjavik/Iceland (2022)

Dimension #5
Vyksa/Russia (2021)

Dimension #2
Setubal/Portugal (2020)

Lisboa/Portugal (2018), Sintra/Portugal (2019), Santarém/Portugal (2020), Buenos Aires/Argentina (2021)

Lisboa/Portugal (2015), Lisboa/Portugal (2016), Sintra/Portugal (2019), Buenos Aires/Argentina (2021)

Curated Shows

Assorted Landscapes
Mcaninch Arts Center Chicago/United States (2023)

Normativa do gesto - A paisagem artificial
Casa do Capitão, Lisboa/Portugal (2021)

Zaratan Gallery, Lisboa/Portugal (2021)


Cleve Carney Museum of Art + College of DuPage
Guest Professor / Artist in Residence
“Site specific and Public Art /
Color theory and Sculpture”
Chicago, IL/United States (2023)

Reykjavik/Iceland (2022)

Residencia Corazón
Buenos Aires/Argentina (2021)

Vyksa/Russia (2021)

Short Films

Bright Hour “iso 6400”
Digital video - Confinement archive (2020)

Bright Hour
35 mm film for the Bright Hour Series

Digital on going documentary with the making of the LANDSCAPE Project

Publications / Press

Landscape Stories Magazine (IT) / Das Artes Magazine (BR) / VOGUE Magazine (PT) / Observador (PT) / Compulsive Contents -interview (UK) / Jornal I online - interview (PT) / Umbigo Magazine - interview (PT) / Shifter (PT) / Magnetica Magazine - interview (PT) / Contemporary Identities (IR) / Conceptual Projects - interview (UK) / Al-tiba9 (ES) / Artecapital (PT) / Art Uzel (RU) / Ramona (AR) / Time Out - interview (PT) / ESPORO (PT) / Gazeta do Interior (PT) / Gerador - interview (PT) / SIM (IC) / Jornal de Leiria (PT) / The Bold Modern - interview (ES) / ArtConnect Magazine - Interview (UK) /
The Chicago Courier (US) / Time Out (PT) / Azar Magazine (PT) / Jornal Almadense (PT)